Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 67: David F Horton

David F Horton was born in Tulsa & raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He started to create in 2009 mostly using digital photography and computer software.  Later, David started painting with watercolor and acrylic paint in an attempt to recreate the digital work and eventually started to draw with pen & ink defining his current style. Both parents were artists having a mother who was a talented sketch artist and a father that painted landscapes in oil. David's inspiration was born out of a need to calm post-traumatic stress from the suicide deaths of my mother and older brother. David dedicated his career studying medicine, currently working as an Invasive Cardiac Technologist in an emergency cardiac cath Lab in Fort Mohave, Arizona. 
David is a self-taught artist relying on inspiration from music and intuition to express his type of unique expression. The majority of David's work is expressionism, abstract surreal illustration and abstract photography, having a definite style that is very unique. David uses visualization and music to influence his compositions.   Currently, David resides in Fort Mohave, Arizona with his wife Maureen, five children, Casey, Trevor, Zach, Devin and Drake. He is also Papaw to Rory and Connor.  David has shown internationally and in the US during his 10 year artistic pursuits and is a big donor of art for charitable cause.  David has also dedicated his time to homeless causes and taught art at The Homeless Alliance, in Oklahoma city, after being a homeless teenager himself.


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