Sunday, April 9, 2017

Day 66:My Friends of the Forest (Julie Edwards)

My work is nothing short of a journey into the otherworldly and the exploration of the most authentic kind of magic: human earnest and our detachment from the influence of fairy tales. I do not wish to create a pretty picture as much as I hope to stir feelings in the depths of my viewers’ hearts, whether the result is pleasant or otherwise. All of my paintings and designs are the manifestation of my love and soul. I believe that my work should always feel like something truly special, so that’s why I take extra care and consideration in charming each piece. In this way I hope to convey each piece of art as worthy of consideration and ultimately its interpretation into a deeper meaning. I think it’s important to not take structure too seriously, and that proves to be a considerable factor contributing to my driving force as I construct each piece. Each painting is born of a dream factory unencumbered by the pressure of expectations or systemic influence. It’s all part of this
phantasmagoric melting pot of sugar-coated stardust, magic, and emotive expressions. If there’s one overarching principle in my work, it’s that everything is in a constant state of earnest. That, for me, is the otherness people inadvertently push away and simultaneously yearn for.


  1. The character designs here are fascinating.


  3. A skillful artist who obviously loves working on her pieces--the joy and passion really comes through.