Saturday, April 8, 2017

Day 65: Bill Whitlock

Bill Whitlock,Artist of Light

Bill Whitlock, 75 year- old self-taught and inspired Artist, with the hunger and passion, to create ART as a way to touch the viewer with color, light, and a sense of peace, in a world that so desperately is in need of.
Most People miss the opportunity to bring forth the “God Given”, creative energies that can breathe through Art, using imagination, that takes them places that make them Smile, cry, or just feel Good.
I Believe Satisfaction is achieved when an Artist can express a message through their created piece, & I hope My Art accomplishes that goal.

I Currently reside in North Phoenix, Arizona with my Daughter Stacy, & two grandkids, Josh, and Hilary.

Facebook Page:

Tasting the Nectar-tissue paper collage

Saguaro Sunset, Watercolor & Ink

Black Feather, Watercolor and Ink

ravel the World,through Books,Watercolor & Ink

Un Matin Bruemeux,Watercolor & Ink