Monday, April 24, 2017

Day 81: Choko Art (Dan Aponte)

“I use painting as a way of communication to explain my perspectives and world views. My artwork is a representation of my inner self and the way society has an effect on my way of thinking. There is no better way for me to speak than with brush strokes and symbolical imagery.” The process of my creations begins reflecting on the world we live in and its social polemics. With pen and paper in hand I give color and shape to today's social phenomenons. After a journey of thoughts and pencil strokes I move to the canvas to start creating message composed of symbolism and criticism hoping that anybody can relate to it and help me make some sense of this world we live in. whether it is oil paint or pixel colors; I always find a way to execute my ideas no matter which medium is available at hand. oil paint allows me to enhance my message due its bold colors as well as the high contrast between its bright whites and dark blacks. Digital painting gives me the power to achieve a limitless chromatic array to translate any passionate idea that is better communicated in this medium. Surrealism style is the fittest to my creative needs. This style grants me the opportunity to create social critics, experiences in life and ideals. I deliver a message using symbolism and analogies. “Art is my language and sharing my voice with others is my purpose.“ Dan “Choko” Aponte
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