Friday, December 1, 2017

Day 302: Rachel Srinivasan

Rachel Srinivasan Biography

Rachel Srinivasan was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She began drawing by incessantly scribbling on paper as a one and a half year old. She continued to scribble until she could color between the lines and grew callouses on her fingers. Most of her formative years were spent in Omaha, Nebraska. She discovered her love of figurative art before high school and studied at the Bemis Fine Art Center. While in high school she received the Marie Walsh Sharpe Scholarship and attended the Marie Walsh Sharpe camp in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Rachel preferred working in acrylics and ink during this formative period. Then, Rachel traveled abroad to live and study in Rome, where she was immersed in Italian art and language. There she was also introduced to working in oil. Upon returning to the US, she attended Arizona State University and earned a Bachelor’s of Art in Painting and a Bachelor’s of Language Arts in Italian. When Rachel decided to study art in college, her family protested but Rachel persisted in her life-long goal of becoming an artist. During her sophomore year, Rachel became a mother. Despite personal turmoil and lack of much support in Arizona, Rachel persevered and was awarded the Scult Scholarship from the Scult Family and the Phoenix Art Museum. She also received the senior artist’s studio scholarship from ASU’s faculty and staff.  She lives in Tempe with her husband and daughter. Her latest series of bison paintings, “Tatanka: Spirit and Sacrifice,” is currently showing at Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability.  Rachel has collectors in Dubai, India, Italy, Turkey, San Francisco, and continues to sell and show her work around the world. 

The Blue Saree

Discordant Unity Bison

Forefather Bison

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