Saturday, December 23, 2017

Day 324: Lauren Kelly

Artist Bio

 Lauren Kelly is a recent BFA graduate from ASU with a concentration in printmaking. Her academic work focused on prints, and utilizes the process to meditate on the concepts that she brings out in her artwork. Drawing is also an important aspect to her practice, and uses it to create a world similar to our own, but her figures have a deep spiritual connection to their reality and their own consciousness. She believes that the current problems of our world could be better solved with a closer inspection inward, and when an individual works to solve their own problems, they are better fit to help others and solve situations outside of themselves. Her artwork is personal, symbolic, and pulls inspiration from psychology, science, nature, and metaphysics to address themes of the unknowing abilities of our minds and how they relate to our bodies, souls, and the earth.

 Instagram: whoislaurenkelly

Perception / Stone lithograph

Polyps / Stone lithograph

 Fix Yourself First / Reductive wood relief, collage, string

The Delight in Human Error / Screen print

Puddling / Ceramic, screen print, copper, copper wire, epoxy, glitter

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