Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Day 306: Randy Zucker

There is nothing I don't love about painting.  

First, the Challenges: The challenge of expressing and conveying an emotion or a sense of place or time; the challenge of creating a pleasing composition with just the right colors and textures; the challenge of "capturing" light or wind or other intangible physical and emotional realities that can't be held, but can only be experienced; and, most challenging of all, the challenge of applying the paint to the canvas or paper so that it matches what is in my head.

Second, the Opportunities:  the opportunity to make a social or political statement if I choose; the opportunity to affect and influence my physical or social environment or the environment of others; the opportunity for non-verbal expression when words will not suffice.

Third, the Physical Act itself: an activity that transports me to a "magical place," one that does not recognize, and is not bound by, form or physical or emotional limitations, While there, I am blissfully unaware of time, space,  physical pain, or little nuisances like hunger and tiredness.

Creating an image that speaks wordlessly but powerfully (whether seriously or humorously) to the emotions and intangible realities of the issues of the day is always a rewarding experience.

Instagram:  zuckerrandy

Elephant Love

Windy Day on Oahu
Good Luck
Drag Me Away
Head Concho Pouncho

#7 Done

Artist's Resume

Randy Zucker

Randy Zucker (Brooklyn, NY, 1949) is a self-taught artist working in Digital, Watercolor, Acrylic, Decoupage, and other media. She has exhibited nationally from New York, NY to Maui, Hawaii.  She's been featured locally in the Arizona Republic, Phoenix New Times, Scottsdale Republic, Phoenix Magazine, Paradise Valley Independent, Jewish News, YabYum Music and Arts, and Jackalope Ranch, having images published in those as well as in the national magazine, Zeek, the books Phosphorous, Food, and our Future, and Introducing the New Testament: A Historical, Literary, and Theological Survey, 2nd ed. As well as on the Chabad.Org International Blog, Jewish Art For the Soul. Randy has appeared on the Good Morning Arizona show, was Phoenix Magazine's Artist of the Month in March, 2011 and was featured by Jackalope Ranch as one of 2011's "100 Creatives who made a mark on the local arts scene." She maintains her studio in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Selected Juried Shows:

"Voices of Emotion" -  Millet House Gallery, Mesa, AZ March - May, 2017

"Touched With Fire" - Kaviar forge and Gallery, Louisville Kentucky, May - August, 2016

"Spiritual Defiance" - Arizona Foundation for Contemporary Theology, Phoenix, AZ, March, 2016

"Temporis Opus" - Dacia Gallery, New York, NY, November, 2015

"Equinox - The Art of Renewal" - Firehouse Gallery, Phoenix, Arizonaa, March, 2015

"331/3! Altered Album cover Art" -  R. Pela Contemporary Art, Phoenix, AZ, December, 2014

"Flourish" - Vision Gallery, Chandler, AZ., August, 2014

"30th. Exotic Art Show" -  - Alwun House, Phoenix, AZ, February 2014

"Holy Daze" -  MonOrchid/Shade Gallery, Phoenix, AZ,  December 2013

"Rotting the Barrel?"  -  Bokeh Gallery, Phoenix, AZ October-November, 2013.

"Seasons" -  8th Day Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, August 2013

"About Face"  -  R. Pela Contemporary Art, Phoenix, AZ, July 2013

"Exposure 2013" -  See/Exhibition Space, Long Island City, NY, July, 2013

"Klown " - R. Pela Contemporary Art, Phoenix, AZ, June 2013

"25 Years Downtown"  - MonOrchid Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, March 2013

"29th Exotic Art Show" - Alwun House, Phoenix, AZ, February 2013

"Phosphorous, Food, and Our Future" - Artist/Scientist Collaboration. ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, AZ. February 5, 2011.

"Phosphorous, Food, and Our Future." Artist/Scientist Collaboration.  Step Gallery, Tempe, AZ. February 14 - 18, 2011

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