Friday, December 22, 2017

Day 323:Wendy Harford

Born Halloween 1951 in Pomona, California, Wendy was influenced creatively by her desert, nature loving, landscape architect, stone mason, Uncle Kenneth Kriegh of SW California fame. 
A student of Fine Art through High School, too much of life got in her way to continue and she landed in BC Canada barefoot and pregnant, and dealing with a family and survival jobs for the next 20 some years. Wendy started playing guitar and composing her own songs and poetry from about age 12, and recordings of children’s songs and stories, as well as for Whale and Marine Conservation.
Through her young adult years as a single Mom, she studied Early Childhood Education and Recreational Therapy for Adults applying her creative skills to programming and activities for age 2 to 102 years of age.
In 1990 Wendy began the journey back to her own creative inspirations, exploring sculpture, painting, fiber art, and multi-media constructs. Her ongoing studies in Eco Psychology and earth friendly mediums compliment her close connection with nature.
2004 found Wendy returning to her beloved SW Desert where the smell of chaparral in rain, open skies and contrasting heat waves and monsoons felt like home. Since finding her way back home, Wendy has composed: art of desert found things, as well as many poems and songs about her beloved SW.
Wendy’s art work has found homes in Canada, Scandinavia, France, England and the US.  She currently display’s her diverse and unique works of art at her home studio/gallery in Cottonwood, AZ. Wendy also visits local events with her EAG = Earth Arts Gallery of community, interactive eco arts n crafts

“To inspire, to touch others through creations of my own truth, life motivates and inspires me to seek out the good, the inspirational, the mystic qualities of life, life on this planet, life in this universe, the mystic qualities of our minds, genetic memory, intuition, the beauty and balance in nature. Learning through creation, creating through learning, a never ending cycle of life and death and life."

‘Heart Born Eyes’
There is not in life that is not art when you open your eyes and with them your heart,
There is not at all in all of mankind that you cannot be when you open your mind,
There is not in magic nor mystical charms that you cannot when you open your arms,
With your heart afire, your mind alight, open your arms for the soul’s maiden flight
And when flying found remember the sound of voices raised in undying praise
For the beauty of those spacious skies, found only through our heart-born-eyes.
Copyright – Wendy Harford 2002

I guess you would say that my life, creations and philosophy are based on the above poem and statement.  I am in the process of writing the ‘Creative’s Handbook’ from that I have learned much about my personal creative process and how I long to connect with and connect others to the experience in heART and eARTh.

A statement from one of my ‘Creatives Handook’ exercises: 
“Experiencing our daily attractions allows us to slow down, re-experience and re-create trust in our personal sensory translations of our lives in relation to our world. Reconnecting us to the overall ’ ‘WEB OF LIFE’  thru a continuing relationship with natural attractions we open to ever changing, challenging and increasing ‘’CREATIVE FLOW’.”

Open Mind
Open Eyes & Heart
Open Arms

A Gaia Finished

Two of "Three Sisters" Squash Blossom and Corn Maiden Await the Bean Sisters Dancing

Jewelry Group Shot

Wand Amethyst Blossoms

Living Branch Full Window

All you need is love

Wendy Harford
Not Just Papier – Fine Arts
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

A multi talented, resourceful and organized artist, Wendy creates through many mediums: Impressionistic sculpture, imaginative graphics, creative home décor,sculpted fiber knit pieces, realistic in-depth paintings and murals, dramatic poetry and melodious lyrics.

Whether drawn into one of Wendy's paintings, floating on her songs, or enticed to caress her sculpture, Wendy inspires and touches with her own unique, creative truth
Day of the Dead Exhibition. THE MANHEIM GALLERY, Event Coordinator, Facilitator and presenting artist 2015
‘A River Runs Thru Us’ Verde Artist Challenge – Verde Valley Land Preservation traveling exhibition 2012
Verde River Days. 2009 & 2015 Eco Artist  and EAG = Earth Art Gallery
Sustainable Visions Exhibition.
Sedona Visual Artists Coalition, Exhibition Chair/ Facilitator & Exhibitor, Sedona 2007
Javelina On Parade. Juried selection, Sedona, AZ 2006
Scrapture Fest – Barbara’s Park – Sedona, AZ 2005,  Participating Eco Artist
‘Poetry and Politics of Water’ Sedona Visual Artist Coalition: Co-Exhibition Chair/Facilitator & Exhibitor 2006
Sedona Art Festival. Sedona, AZ 2005 Juried:  Papier Mache Sculpture and Functional Art
Fiber Arts Festival: Gibsons Public Art Gallery, 2004 Juried.  Gibsons, BC, Canada. Invitational Exhibitor
'Portrait of an Artist' Gibsons Public Art Gallery One Woman Show, 2004: Gibsons, BC, Canada
Sunshine Coast Goddess Concert and Art Exhibition 1996-97-98 Roberts Creek, BC Canada

Educator Experience
‘Not Just Paper’ Workshops– all ages, multiple techniques, all levels, ongoing
EAG = ‘eARTh Art Gallery’ Verde River Days
Tilted Earth - Sedona Art Festival: Kidz Zone Eco Arts n Crafts
Institute of Eco Tourism – Eco Artist and Environmental Educator, Sedona, AZ 2006 – 08
Steffen Thomas Museum of Art – Artist Out Reach Program. Buckhead, GA 2004 – 06
Artists in the Schools: Sunshine Coast BC, Canada 1997 & 98

SELECTED PERFORMANCE in song and poetry
Red Earth Theater: Guest performer in song and word 2016, and including theme related visual art.
Guest Speaker and Artist: ART WORDS and WINE. June 2006. Steffen Thomas Museum & Archives, GA
Keynote Speaker and Performance: Winter 2006. Steffen Thomas Museum & Archives, GA. Volunteer Award
Sunshine Coast Goddess Concert and Women's Art Show
1996-97-98 Roberts Creek, BC Canada
Powell River Folk Festival Powell River, BC  Canada, 1997, original tunes with Hahle Jerow and Jenica van Eli

Ceramic Sculpture  – Yavapai College- David Woof 2009 & 10.
Water and Oil based Clay Sculpture (to firing and bronze cast)  Barbara R Brown of Sculpture in Sedona 2005
Watercolor Technique with BC, Canadian Artist Lyall Nanso, 1995
Papier Mache Sculpting  with Canadian Artists George Gamache and Micheline LaRose 1995
Acrylic Painting Technique with BC, Canadian Artist Ed Hill 1993
Art Therapy Justice Institute, Vancouver, BC Canada 1992

Celebrate the River – Performer/Co-Coordinator: Concert and Songwriter contest – OTCA - Cottonwood 2014 and 2015
Verde Artist Challenge – Artist and Artist Coordinator for ‘A River Runs Thru Us’ traveling exhibition 2012
Hopi – Sedona Student Exchange  - Participating Artist & Environmental Educator - Institute of Eco Tourism
Women's Story Quilt - co design, sewing and production of, including original performance in song
Canada Futures Grant  - to create a designer line of knitted wearable art and patterns



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