Thursday, December 21, 2017

Day 322: Quinton Prunty

Artist Statement

My name is Quinton Prunty, and I'm a digital Illustrator and graphic designer from Apache Junction, Arizona. I currently attend Central Arizona College and I'm about to receive my Associates of Applied Science degree in Graphic Design this upcoming May.

I've been passionate about art since I was a young boy and have always dreamed of becoming a full-time artist. I was inspired by graffiti/ street art and tattoo art. I started writing graffiti when I was in Jr. High and went by the alias Infamous Ink. Since then, I've continued to develop and incorporate graffiti into my style of illustration of design. I also paint abstract pieces and portraiture in my spare time. 

My biggest artistic influence was Pablo Picasso. I loved Picasso's work because he created a style that took the world by storm. The fact that Picasso was classically trained and choose Cubism as his main style is astounding. Much like graffiti and contemporary art today, some people hated it, and others absolutely loved it. I believe that every artist should hone their niche and continue to develop in their style by deriving (stealing) from other traits and characteristics from other artists; after all "Art is Theft". I also love Justin Bua, AM Cassandra, Antoinette Cauley (my amazing boss/mentor for my internship) and Leonardo Da Vinci. 

I was so intrigued with the digital arts, and soon after quickly picked it up. When I discovered you could create full illustrations and artwork using nothing more than a iPad. I became obsessed, and didn't stop at nothing to find the perfect hardware and software for my digital illustration needs. Digital Art to me is something I've always found convenient, something I knew I'd always be good at. When I first started out, I was already hooked, and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon. 

My absolute favorite thing to do is Draw. Drawing allowed me to escape one world and enter into another. It's how I express my thoughts and feelings. I truly believe I can take my talents and ambitions and turn them into reality. If it wasn't for my passion for art, my friends and my family, I wouldn't have continued to do this. I'm proud to be an artist and designer; and I've come such a long way from when I first started out.


Facebook: Quinton Prunty Art and Design

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