Monday, December 11, 2017

Day 312:Stan Sisson

Stan Sisson Fine Art

Stan is inspired by the old masters of the Renaissance and the works of Michael Parkes, Gustav Klimt, Eyvind Earle and Robert Vickery. Stan utilizes subtle symbolism and imagery to blend the nature, figures and dreams. He allows the viewer to experience how beautiful and simple life can be yet at the same time, he adds a touch of complexity to the serene. As he applies a mixed media of acrylics, oils and pencil he uses transparency to bring his colors to various shades and hues. Elements of light and texture elevate interest. Then, adding to the story he’s painting, he adds elements that spark the viewers’ curiosity. There is a flow of ideas and images that come to life in the viewer’s eyes. Biography Stan Sisson was born and raised the oldest of 6 siblings in New Jersey. He proudly served in the US Navy and attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City following his military service. His lifelong dream of becoming an artist motivated him to start up his own successful graphic design, illustration and fine art business that has been in operation for 30 years. The fine art segment of his business has evolved into an exciting repertoire of dreamy landscapes, colorful abstracts, and ethereal portraits with an emphasis on bold shades, hues and dramatic light. He uses a mixed media of acrylics and oils to create his paintings. He incorporates rich textures and even richer colors. He is a juried member of the Arizona Artists Guild and Arizona Artists Alliance, featured artist – West Milford Artists Association (West Milford, NJ), prize recipient – Denville Artwalk (Denville, NJ), donated his art to benefit the Arizona Boys and Girls Club & the Gillespie Memorial Bike Run for an injured member of the US Air Force. His art is currently represented at Simone Beckett Gallery (CA), Gallery 220 (online gallery) and ThinkArt! (Scottsdale, AZ). He is mentored by John and Elli Milan of the prestigious Milan Art Institute (Cave Creek, AZ). He studied the art of trompe’oeil and faux painting at If Walls Could Talk, (Denver, CO). He’s also studied under Father Peter Pearson, who has trained him on 
the art of the religious icon. Icons are a beloved new addition to his artistic portfolio.


Bird 2

Evening Rhythms

Paradise Abstract


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