Friday, September 29, 2017

Day 239:Morgan McQuillan

Morgan has recently entered the art scene here in Phoenix, with shows at Sip Coffee (Scottsdale), Dig It Nursery (Phoenix), Maverick Coffee (Scottsdale) and has shown at the 2016 Tiny Works Show at {9} Gallery and the “Art Party” at The Ice House. In September she will have a solo show at Song Bird Coffee and Tea House. The Herberger Art Gallery has selected one of her works to be shown at their 2017 “Memories of October and November" show.
Morgan creates evocative moods with her assemblages of paint, color and objects on canvas.  Small 3D objects show shadows and shapes, including the surrounding light. The shadows are very important in these works.
Morgan received her Studio Arts degree from St Catherine’s University in St Paul MN.

La Rose Jaune, Mixed Media 150.00 10X8

Poetry, Mixed Media, $150.00 12X12

Night Life, Mixed Media, $225.00 12X12

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