Friday, September 22, 2017

Day 232: Dick Richards

I view each of my abstract acrylic paintings as a reflection of the process that created it. That process is, at its heart, an exploration of the relationship between intuition and intellection. And so, the works are about not knowing, and about knowing. About being in the moment, and about letting go. About searching, and getting lost, and finding a path. About looking around, and looking within. About summoning courage and being guided by that which is beyond understanding. I want to capture the sense of disappearing when I paint; nothing exists except the canvas and paint. What disappears? Thought. Attachment to an outcome. Concern about how the work will appear to others. Fear of making a mistake. An appetite for control. Planning. All that disappears. “I” disappears.
I work with artist quality medium body acrylic paint purchased in squeeze bottles. I sometimes apply it directly to the canvas and sometimes to a brush or pallet knife. For each painting I choose brushes and knives in proportion to the size of the canvas; larger canvas, larger tools.
In a finished work I look for the drama that arrives with contrast, movement, balance, and depth.
In my artistic journey, I took a lengthy detour, abandoning work as a silk screen printer and study at the Philadelphia College of Art, then finally arriving several years ago as an abstract painter. Along the detour I built a career as an organization consultant and wrote books about leadership, organization change, and career development. Those books drew heavily on my exposure to artistry.
Since my arrival at this point, my work has been shown at the Arizona State Fair, at several exhibits at the Shemer Art Center in Phoenix, and in the Nash Jazz Club. I belong to the artists’ co-op in TheStore at the Mesa Arts Center and to the Arizona Artists Guild.

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