Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Day 237: Shanon Hittner

Bio: Shanon Hittner is a 31 year old life long artist, writer, and painter. She was born and raised in Cave Creek, AZ and currently lives in the greater Phoenix Metro area with her partner and their daughter. Shanon graduated from ASU in 2007 with a bachelors in Sociology with a focus on personal relationships and domestic violence. She spent 12 years working in a cafe. During that time she dove into latte art creating unique works of edible art. For 7 yeaars of that time she also voluteered with a company called Arbitrary Arts. She was regularly a featured artist during shows hosted by the company. Now a stay at home mom, she focuses on the rasing of her daughter, her art and writing, and her and her partner’s fledgling company: The Elemental Maker Cafe.

Artist statement: When I was younger I did art for no reason other than it felt good. Nowadays sometimes I feel like I do art because it balances me. I have also come to realize that there are many statements being made with my work that I had placed their subconciously. My work often speaks of the frailty of life and the deep spiritual connection between man and nature. I often paint things that seem deeply feminine. Another common theme is animal attitude and personality. Much of my work is part of collaboration so one of the pieces I included was a collaboration between my partner Kalab Hayes Wood and myself, titled Never Let Me Go. Passionate feeling is the backbone to my portfolio and I hope it will inspire even one other person.

Clown Fish

Never Let Go
Large Lily

Daughters of Women

The Dancing Man

Creamora Kitty

Latte Art

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