Sunday, September 24, 2017

Day 234: Brandy DeVoid

Brandy Devoid- I often feel like an outsider trying to find my community. In my desperation to find connectedness in a disconnected world I create art that is empowered and meaningful to me. I hope to connect with people who are drawn to the same ideas. I paint portraits of outsiders that made an impact on me. I capture their strength, vulnerability and boldness. Through being larger than life they represent a raw individuality that makes them stand out without fear. I reach out in desperation to get a reaction. Part of my art wants to be as bold and strong with no inhibitions and the other part wants to belong in a beautiful spiritual community of enlightened thinking. The art wants to say there is nothing to hide and be who you are without fear. It has the boldness of a spiritual iconography chooses difficulty to make change happen. There is opposition to change and sometimes you need to fight. I find there is beauty in the struggle, honesty and truth. I'm influenced by pop culture and poster art of the 50s 60s and 70s, urban art and political unrest, my roller derby family, tattoo culture, punk rock, LGBT and women's issues.

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