Sunday, September 3, 2017

Day 213:Scott Greise

Themes of fortitude, community, love, and acceptance address my wishes and desires for us as a species.
I have painted since age 5 when my grandparents gave me all those William Alexander, he taught 
Bob Ross, books. By third grade my parents put me in an outside art class with Mrs. Bartik, and I have 
been painting anything put in front of me since then, from blue jean jackets to residential ceilings. My 
style derives from a love of realism, surrealism, dreamscapes, and allowing myself to paint by 'feel' and
 intuition. I love texture.  Many times I step back and have zero memory of what I have done, and the 
hours that have passed, and feel a satisfaction as a vessel for positive energy expression.  I truly love
 nature and our ever changing skies. As an Arizona licensed residential/commercial paint contractor, and 
owner of Urban Paint Pro, LLC for 7 years, my clients kept requiring more in depth wall finishes, murals, and portraits. 
I could deny my love of painting in studio and art no longer, I paint and create art full time now. I provide
 giclee prints of any piece, from as small as a postcard, to as large as 6 foot by 6 foot, on proper
 museum quality paper. Original oil, acrylic, or mixed media canvas and trowelled venetian on board 
art upon referral. Inspiration is everywhere. 

Magothy River, Maryland


Burning Man "Carnival of Mirrors" 2015