Thursday, September 7, 2017

Day 217:David Knorr

Artist Statement

I create ceramic and wood sculptures as an expression of my interest in nature, antiquities and social issues. I enjoy seeing what nature has provided, I am a student of our environment; social, historical and natural. My works express my point of view, and while some works address social concerns, it is with historic perspective that I try to provide gravity to the issues of the day. Many of my inspirations come from nature and history, I am constantly inspired by cultural remains like the Mayan temples, Greek and Roman historic sites. I also respond to nature and what the earth provides for our existence, places like the Butchart gardens, Kew Gardens, Chiricahua Mountains, Monument Valley to name a few. In my work, I want to convey the richness, meaning and values that I feel are essential for a meaningful existence.

I pull from my experiences and inspirations to create the building blocks that become the compete artwork. I see shape and form in nature which repeats, and I have taken this influence and utilize it throughout my work. My building blocks are sometimes architectural and industrial, as if they are a component of something larger. Other building blocks are organic and flow throughout the space they occupy. In all of the blocks, they combine elements of Industrial, Architectural and Organic influences. They become the surface for varying textures to stimulate the tactical senses, and are transformed thru the use of color.

I have chosen to show the works as a totem, to convey in each piece the impact of the form with; power, stature, and presence. As I continue to explore and develop my art, I introduce new experiences into my art and challenge myself to grow the body of works. As I response to my environment and surroundings, it will drive the narrative of my future work. Some of the works will be more aggressive, some will be more serene. My wish is for the viewer to stop and enjoy the works and interpret their life experiences thru my Totem’s.

Huggin Pole


Dalbergia Bloom View 1

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