Sunday, September 10, 2017

Day 220: Illene Hurley

Artist Statement: I am inspired by what I am surrounded by; color, texture, nature, textiles, old photos, our home, our cats, my life. My artistic path has taken various directions and each direction has contributed to the artist I am today, also ever changing. My interest in art came early. I was fortunate to have teachers early on who encouraged me and at some point I knew that was what I wanted to be, an artist. I studied fine art and illustration. I worked as an illustrator/artist. I worked in interior design. Fine art, commercial illustration and interior design along with elements of business, marketing and retail have shaped my artist career. I never pictured myself as a “Starving artist”. Growing up in a middle-class, blue collar family, I was taught to be independent and that meant I needed to make a living at whatever it was I was going to do. Influenced by work in retail, I created functional art in the form of floor cloths in the 90’s. For the last 10 years I have been creating another form of functional art; magnet boards...original designs & decorative backdrops for various functions in the home or office. In addition, I create paintings for outdoor living spaces, which are displayed in my/our backyard gallery/garden...where my studio is located

Outdoor painting, Acrylic on metal

Outdoor Painting, Desert Daisy

Studio entrance

Inside studio
Magnet boards

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