Friday, September 15, 2017

Day 225: Barbara Cowlin

My water paintings are inspired by the unexpected surprise of finding an
oasis of water in the desert, whether it is a lake, pond, river or puddle.
The clarity of Southwestern light causes amazing reflections and colors
to appear in the water.
This series balances between realism and abstraction. I create paintings
that shift and change with changes in light and the viewer's position.
Capturing the color and movement of an ephemeral phenomenon
fascinates me. Creating work that is dynamic despite being on a static
surface are some of the challenges that keep me painting water.
The layers of paint symbolize the passing of time and the constant flow
of water. I build up texture and color on the canvas or panel, sand and
rebuild surfaces until they have depth and complexity. Glazes, and layers
of medium are sandwiched between layers of colors. Pours using gloss
medium for the water imagery and matte medium for the non-water
areas create contrasts between glossy and matte surfaces. Finally I add
the details, bright streaks or dots of color which appear to float on the
Time passes. Water flows. By the time the water you are looking at
registers in your brain, the present has become the past, and the water
has changed. Painting water allows me to capture the past, present and
future in one painted image.

And my addresses:

Swept Away


Duet; Water & Boulders





  2. Thank you so much Shelly, for including me in your group of Arizona artists. One of these days I'd love to meet you!