Thursday, September 14, 2017

Day 224: Tabitha Ladin

Tabitha Ladin has always loved drawing and painting animals both real and imagined.After going to school for Graphic Design in Tucson, AZ she did freelance work. Later she worked as a colorist and color editor for Malibu Comics in Los Angeles, CA. She moved back to Arizona and worked for eight years as an interface designer and graphic designer for a financial software company.Now Tabitha has decided to return to her true passion; fantasy art. Working in acrylic paints she brings to life in brilliant color all the fantastic creatures that reside in her imagination. She has also published several fantasy themed coloring books.

Facebook page: @TabithaLadin

Cirque De La Mer

Blue Poison Fairy Frog

Idling Idol

Immortal Coils

Play by Ear