Saturday, July 29, 2017

Day 177:Laura Korch Bailey

My mode of communication is objects. Drawing from my memory, my
work alludes to a sense of the uncanny that mark a complex boundary
that both draws us in and repels. My clay objects reminisce and float
within a sense of longing for memories of a childhood line between
self and other. I relate my amorphous objects to historical and
contemporary still life paintings. I showcase an oil painting of an object
and the object nearby, and their various features, to itself. This reality
creates an echo from the painting to the object. I practice in both
directions, sometimes the object is made first, followed by the painting
of the object. Other times I create a painting and select the
components of the sculptural object. In both instances the object and
painting enforce an environment. They are shown together as a
finished whole. Plant biology and human anatomy influence my color
palette, and surfaces. I’ve lived around many bodies of water and in
rural areas cultivating gardens and learning about plants, their
reproduction, and renewal. My perceptions of these experiences and
object shapes inform the history and transformation of my work. To
further my investigation on objects I look for answers and 
understanding through the following concepts: correlationism, object-oriented
philosophy, panexperientialism, metaphorism, and alien phenomenology.



Trout Ceramics

Laura Korch Bailey



Microbial Landscape-detial

Microbial Landscape

Still Life Duality detail

Still Life Duality

Object Study I

.Object Study II

Symbiotic Efflorescence

ASU Grant Street Studios