Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day 167: Mary Susan Cate (Merry Arttoones)

Mary Susan Cate aka Merry Arttoones
Beginning to understand what the Muse was up to with this piece...the working title bounced between "power play" and "balance of power". It puzzled and confused....I know the horse, one of Gods most beautiful creatures, represents natural power. The the clown acrobat woman is a more difficult conundrum. I like her and feel sorry for her all in one breath...she represents a sort of cultural power.. i that allows her to lift mighty weights ...but alas while stuck flat on her back on artificial turf...LOL turf wars? not play on their turf?....yep, all of that. And there must be rabbit fears sculpted to hide in that turf..thank goodness the Muse settled for just pinkly human fearful rabbit. But .yes the acrobatics of clown woman 's power does not free enslaves her..or does it? is there a choice in there? Might there be a proper use of cultural power? ...i see so much of the human condition in her... cultural trappings of power becoming a clown balancing act ..with no easy escape. or is there ...can intention be the escape...Oh that's why the Muse insisted I divide the warring turf into two factions, divided by a rocky road of course...oh there it is the positive she is using her power to stretch across to both sides. Is it that .every situation .offers a choice in our response..Now I begin to understand. Thunderfoot child balances with ease on the rump of that,".consider the lilies of the field" power... what is this upwardness? a soul thing for sure ...and Thunderfoot who always knows where she stands ...she carries the Hope in a piece or is it better called Grace ...and offers a song. her hands upward in a gesture of, .is that release?...ahh the Muse insists on a bird or a bevy of birds sculpted to take flight with that song ...a freeing is what those Hands give...the truest power Thunderfoot has an offering of her sovereign power to some higher truer her sovereign soul bows to the one sovereign power upward thing .... to Love


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