Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 155:Angela Pittenger

For me, painting is a way of creating life and exploring new horizons.

It makes me happy.

There’s something about a brush or knife in hand as it glides across a canvas.

Nothing has inspired me more than my grandma, who’s beautiful artwork connected its viewers to her heart and to the world around her.

When she died, I found an envelope of photos she took, but never got to paint. So, I decided to use them as inspiration for my own paintings. Using only palette knives, just like she would do, I created some of my most recent works.

Painting with knives has a carnal feeling to it. It takes the ability to let go of the control a brush offers and to embrace the wild, and sometimes messy, results as something beautiful.  

In a way, it serves as a metaphor for life — messy, wild and beautiful.
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Always with Me

Avocado Green




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