Saturday, July 15, 2017

Day 163:Ariel Diaz

Since his beginnings Ariel Díaz has studied and worked with well-known Mexican artists such as Claudette Eyauster and Valerio Ponzanelli with whom participated in the making of multiple public sculptures in bronze. His aims of self-improvement brought him to the United States being an active member of the Sculpture Resource Center until 2015. In there has discovered all kind of sculpture materials and forms, experimenting geometric abstraction, harmony and equilibrium, to finally creating his style, recently coined as TEPOZTLIFLEXIA, which means flexed metal in nahuatl.

His work has been selected and showed in many forums and competitions such as the XII NORTHWEST BIENNAL OF ARTS 2009 in Sinaloa, Mexico, the ANTONIO LOPEZ SAENZ PRIZE 2010, and the XII BIENNALE OF ARTS 2016 in Sinaloa, Mexico. His pieces also form part of the art collection of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa. His work has been also exhibited at the International Airport in Tucson, Arizona, where also has several public art pieces exhibited in downtown and the Jewish Community Center. He is currently working as professor at Monterrey Tech University in Mexico, teaching sculpture, modeling and drawing techniques in the College of Architecture and Design. His studio remains open in both Tucson and Mexico.  


Corn Man

Eagle in Flight

The Fish


  1. Sculptures are hard work! Good job.

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