Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Day 166: Lupe Meter

I am a polymer clay artist who fell in love with polymer clay after being introduced to it while I was stringing beads. Little did I know at that time the versatility of this wonderful art medium. I have been creating designs with polymer clay for about 9 years now and every year it becomes more challenging and complex as I try to push the limits with this medium. I enjoy creating unique one-of-kind jewelry, and have pushed myself as an artist in creating other polymer clay creations with a purpose other than adorning the body, though that is my first love.

One of the challenges I enjoy is creating jewelry that artistically flows and enhances beautiful textiles, color of skin, eyes and hair. Indeed the human body is a beautiful canvas and it is one of the reasons I enjoy creating jewelry, to enhance the beauty that was already there. It just needed an additional splash of color.

My polymer clay creations incorporate semi-precious stones, glass, wood and seed beads as well as other unique findings. I love playing with color, shapes, patterns, and texture; these are the four things that inspire me to create. Most of my polymer clay creations are created by using various surface techniques, transferring images onto polymer clay, and caning techniques.

Some of my work can be seen at the WHAM Art Community Center in Surprise, Arizona where I enjoy volunteering and strive to share my love of art in my community.

Member of WHAM: http://www.wham-art.org/