Thursday, July 13, 2017

Day 161:Gretchen Proulx

Artist Statement: Imagine if we judged each other based on an individual’s soul rather than one’s physicality; how different would the world look? Life is all about perspective and how we perceive the world reflects in our characters—who we are as people. Though change occurs in small increments over time, we have the power as humans to change our thoughts and behaviors to be more kind, ultimately aiming for positive change in ours and others’ lives, our community, and our world. Painting entails a process that is versatile and malleable. It is a practice that involves perpetual change: change in technique, change in medium, change in brush stroke, change in color palette, change in artist’s energy. 
Each of my oil paintings begin as a depiction of how the world is now—an exposure to the highlighted struggles that people face, but are often ignored by their own human race. Through the changing processes of oil painting, I will be using various techniques to demonstrate the change in human behavior of what the world can and could be. Through the act of painting with shifting color palettes, creating several textures, and using various mediums in sections of the painting, it will encourage the viewer to think about the relationship of changes of technique in the painting with a change in action in one’s own behavior. Before we make judgments or preconceived notions about an individual, we should think about how our actions may inspire or enervate that person’s life. It begins with changing our behaviors to reflect more compassion and kindness. These paintings are meant to speak to the viewers through a pictorial story of self-reflection and interpretation, encouraging dialog social justice engendered by the paintings. It will empower others to find and use the compassion and kindness that exists in all of us to make simple changes to their lives by embracing tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion. We are the most powerful entities and through art, we can learn to act as the agents of change

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