Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 159: Kyle Rafferty

I’ve been drawing and painting representationally from direct observation almost daily for the past 4 years, and have been an art teacher and mural painter professionally in the past.  I am acting Vice President of the Arizona Plein Air Painters.
I’m an avid backpacker, so I’m naturally drawn to painting the landscape outdoors.  I’ve been juried into various plein air events in New Mexico and Arizona, and will continue to enter a 2 or 3 national events each year.   Currently, I'm acting Vice President of the Arizona Plein Air Painters.

Painting from life, especially outdoors, is a union between focused attention
 and passing time.  It’s in these windows of meditative presence of mind that I find the true value in painting.  The object that is produced is evidence of an important aspect of what it is to be human – and one that is easy to lose sight of in our time and culture:  being awake to each passing moment.

Jade Buddha

Nordic Center Study

Nordic Center Study 2

Parker Canyon Waterfall

Two Turnips