Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Day 152: Nancy Troupe

My early memories are filled with images of being sprawled out on my bedroom floor surrounded with crayons and coloring books.  School years were filled with art competitions, local and state-wide.  As a young adult, I sold my work on La Cienega and Melrose 
in Los Angeles, I taught after school programs for kids, and adult classes at a local art studio in the San Fernando Valley.

During the "family" years, while raising 3 kids in Oregon, I stayed home to do t-shirt designs (some for the World Wildlife Fund), business logos, and free-lance design work for various companies.  Throughout my childrens' school years, I was active in their school art adventures, and enjoyed painting the backdrop scenery for many a school play.  My love for painting large grew from  that, and I eventually started my own mural business when we moved to Arizona.

Coming Home


Grand Canyon Christmas

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