Friday, May 12, 2017

Day 99: Kamoni-Khem Cook

Kamoni-Khem (kah-mon-e kim). Is from Phoenix, AZ by way of Denver, CO. He has been painting for little over three years but has been called one of Arizona's most prolific young talents. Kamoni-Khem has been in five group shows and was a featured artist at the Warehouse 1005 and Pravus gallery. His first solo showing in Jan thru Feb. of 2011 was at The Warehouse 1005 and was met with critical acclaim. He works in the heart of downtown Phoenix's art district on Roosevelt row and a private studio in Mesa. Kamoni-Khem uses acrylics and oil pastels on most original works from canvas to vinyl banners. The newest style he has taken on is called POPSTRACT the mixture of pop culture icons filled with abstract faces and designs. All digitally drawn on tablets, cell phones etc. The content of his art is mainly abstract portraits that display a complex life filled with topics as good and evil, right and wrong, pain and love.

Royal Flushing
By Design

Jesus Christ
President Barack Obama

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