Saturday, May 20, 2017

Day 107: Bobby Castenada

"It's all a pool game - it's all the cool game."

"Nuestra novela.



i had an interview with him. Here are some of the questions and his answers.

What medium do you use? Are you a painter? A drawer? I do notice you like to use markers and ink?

"It's more like mixed media."

Your profile says you studied in Mesoamerican studies? What's the fascination? Does Aztec imagery play a part in your work?
"I took woodcarving classes in Oaxaca. I went to Phoenix college."

Your profile says you studied multimedia at Collins? What type of learning did you get at Collins? Was it studying design? How does that fall into your work?
"I disregarded that. I'm my own teacher."

What keeps you out of artist block?
"I don't have it like priming an engine. You're going to do certain rituals like muscle memory, train your muscles, do a certain like Michael Jordan.

What's it like being the owner of a coffee company?

"I am not owner but part owner of a coffee shop. It's got its thing. It's driving me."

How do work as a full time job and be an artist?

"3 jobs. I make coffee, sell paintings and hustle."

What do you think of the Arizona scene? Positive and negative?

"It's so undiscovered. It's still in infantile stagings. We're saplings here. It has positive growth on a smaller scale. We don't dictate.

How long have you been showing in the Arizona scene?

"First show was at Thought Crime. I did a piece that had a SUV climbing a ridiculous gashose to it. Michael 23 said he liked the paintings because they were simple."

What are some galleries you say you've missed from the Phoenix scene?

"Holgas, Paper Heart, Mainstay, Sevende on Grand, Trucha, Fortoul Presents and the Fort.'

Why do you think some galleries succeed and some don't?

People who are backing up the galleries. Nobody exists without ASU.

If you had one future artistic dream say like painting the Sistine Chapel? Or something like that what would it be? 

"Gotta have goal. Life is art.

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