Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Day 96:Kip Mussatt

Kip Mussatt - Bio

Who is this Kip guy anyway?

Kip Mussatt is a self taught artist currently residing in Chandler, AZ, who grew up mainly in the mid-west, specifically Hutchinson, Kansas - now home to the Smallville Comic Convention. He later studied electrical engineering while in the Air Force ROTC scholarship program at Kansas State, but didn't quite fit the military status quo.

Kip drew in his early years everything from Viking ships to planes and rockets. He never picked up a paintbrush until college when his mother, Sandra, grew allergic to her oil paints and gave them to him. His first painting was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and he has been painting people ever since.

Boris and Frazetta where his early influences and studies. Later picking up influences from Luis Royo, Dorian Clevenger, and most recently, Lorenzo Sperlonga. He later switched from traditional canvas and oil to acrylics and paper because canvas couldn't capture the fine detail he wanted and oils took to long to dry. Even now, he keeps a hair dryer near his worktable because, "Sometimes the acrylic just doesn't dry fast enough."

Currently a freelance artist and illustrator, he also serves as the artist and art director for an indie comic - The DOZD, published in Mesa, AZ., is a featured artist/columnist for the pop-culture magazine - The WOD, and has been published in an international book of fantasy art - Infected By Art. His work can be seen at various comic convention and shows from Southern California to Missouri.

His fourth grade teacher, Mr. Nelson wouldn't let him draw in his spare time in school. When Kip asked, "But what if I want to be an artist someday?" Mr. Nelson replied, "Don't worry, you won't be." Well, Mr. Nelson, Here's to you! Remember - never give up on your dreams!

Artist Statement

I sketch and paint (mostly paint) fantasy images that just sort of come to me.  Things I think would be stimulating and engaging to see.  Many times there is a story I am trying to tell.  Other times I just think, "Wow.  This would be an amazing subject to paint."   When I draw or paint female subjects, I try to keep in mind a certain sense of realism with regard to their figure.  They are usually some archetype and as such have better than average features such as being athletic and muscular.  They are not the damsel in distress, but the heroine who will come save you or kick your ass if you misbehave.

Lately, I have been trying to plan out my compositions better to cover all the fine details of what is going into a piece and why.  Occasionally though as I am painting, the story unfolds in my mind and I find myself adding or changing small things to add nuances to the piece.  I find this adds a great deal to the story.  Sometimes that story changes.  Sometimes it shows a reflection of myself I had not previously seen.

My work comprises some pop-culture icons and references, but mostly fantasy pieces, which I am trying to focus more and more on.  Sometimes I find that the story I am painting is a metaphor of what is going on in my life.   The most challenging thing I find is I can have an image in my mind of what I want the piece to look like and getting it there can be quite difficult.  When the final solution ends up like I envisioned it, it makes my heart stop.



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