Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Day 90:Karina Niño-de-Rivera

Karina Niño-de-Rivera León

Born in Mexico City, I came in the late 90s when my mom was transferred to work in Tempe, AZ from Guadalajara Mexico.

I hold a BA in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Phoenix. I’ve been working as a Graphic Designer/Art Director since graduating from there. I currently live in the downtown phoenix area and live with my partner of 9 years.

My collages are outlets where characters and situations are born organically and they are only mine to play with with absolute freedom to flow in whatever way Im feeling that day. I see this process more like a form of meditation than anything else. Most of the time it isn’t after I’m done with the piece, that I see how the collage is a reflection of something that’s been in my mind for sometime and just wants to come out and have its own existence outside of my head, similar to how dreams start playing in our minds during sleep and they become stories with characters and settings.

They are usually about something a friend is going through, a result of a good conversation with a stranger or my own subconscious aching to express something that’s been sitting in the back of my mind. It's a very simple and playful yet surreal form of creative expression.

"Genovieve hates a party" 

"El morbo y las amantes" 

"Let others see their greatness when they look into your eyes"

"The preferred boom box" 

"Some Queens don't like the spotlight" 

"Between thorns and heaven" 

"Stretching Kindness"

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  1. Beautiful! Where do you display your art next? Would love to see it! Jewell Medina