Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Day 362: SJ Griffin

SJ Griffin (Griff) 's artwork and creativity is as ADHD as she is. She loves getting into all kinds of different forms of creative expression: from painting to photography to poetry to performing, etc.
Originally from the spooky and mysterious upper mid-west, Griff officially moved to Phoenix after exploring, photographing, and camping her way around the country.
Being a long-time fan of sci-fi, mythology, metaphysics, and the paranormal: much of her work takes on a certain mystique and sometimes otherworldly dimension. She loves creating dramatic (and often strange) imagery, sometimes with a quirky sense of humour and whimsy. 
Though often an homebody, she loves travel and adventure (when it's possible). Nature is a great muse and where she finds the greatest peace and majesty.   

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