Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Day 335: Bret DaCosta

Everything that has ever been created began as a thought. From nothingness ideas bring forth inventions, businesses, and beauty. Somewhere in this complexity of chaos veteran artist Bret daCosta draws compelling connections between seemingly disparate entities. His dynamic artwork effortlessly drifts back and forth over the line between order and chaos and manages to merge them both into an intricate harmony. Just like chaos, art is an amorphous world where bringing a thought into reality is all about perspective. To Bret everything is art, because the thoughts which form anything from nothingness bring objects into being. He sees art all around him, in everything, and his mind never stops identifying enigmatic connections everywhere. When he closes his eyes, he sees numbers, geometric symbols, essentially, more connections. Bret's thoughts are the brush strokes that intersect on the canvas of chaos to produce the ethereal works found in his evocative portfolio.* Recurring imagery in daCosta artwork is veiled numerical patterns, themes of forgiveness, and forms of exquisite grace. In his own words he attributes his artistic gifts to God and its this element of appreciation that he strongly feels is the essence of all art. Talent is divine and through it Bret finds a unique joy and serenity. It's these qualities that he communicates through his unique works unofficially classified as "whimsical contemporary". A perusal of Bret daCosta's works will take you to many worlds. His art contains enough relatable threads that anyone can instantly connect with them but are gloriously abstract to allow the viewer their own unique experience. Take a look at a daCosta work. It's the bridge between chaos and order

Meezzly - Original Art




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