Monday, January 22, 2018

Day 354: Pat Schuerich

My name is Pat Scheurich and I am an artist, illustrator and designer.  I’ve been in the field for many years, have a BFA and taken many art classes as well.  My recent classes with Lilla Rogers, has been a wonderful boost to how I approach my art.  Most of my work incorporates much of what I’ve learned over time and I can achieve great backgrounds full of texture and imagery.  I like looking through layers of a painting to see the history, so to speak.  I’ve been using sketchbooks since I was 12 years old because I love drawing!
Check out my work on instagram: and facebook:

"11 Starlings" 36"W x 60"H, 

"Heart Anatomy" 16"W x 20"H

"The Owl in the Tree", 24"W x 18"H

"House Hunt". 30"W x 24"H

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