Friday, January 5, 2018

Day 337: Ardyn Andrews


I have always struggled with that tension of knowing who you are, yet not what you should “do.” I got my BA in Psychology from the University of Washington, then worked as a social worker and then as a paralegal for the past 18 years  For many years, I wanted to paint, but I felt I shouldn’t attempt it because I didn’t know “how” to paint. I worried I might be too old to find a talent within myself.

With my 40th birthday approaching, I bought a canvas and began to paint. I have painted continually since.  I think that because I got a late start, that I feel compelled to try many styles and mediums. I hear comments often like, “I can’t believe the same person who painted this, drew that.”

I feel compelled to do portraits, but I enjoys breaks from the intensity of portraiture and with painting landscapes. I have ample inspiration from the Arizona desert and I am known to pull over her car at any time, jumping out and taking pictures of what I find beautiful.

I want people to know that it’s never too late to begin your artistic endeavors. Phoenix Center of the Arts, under Edna Dapo, gave me wonderful exposure to painting. All I needed to bring was a canvas and an open mind. The center provided all the other materials, which was an ideal way to get your feet wet, and see what you like. Try everything! Surprise yourself!

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