Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 55: Haley Shetler

"My name is Haley Shetler, I'm a self-taught artist that uses art as a therapeutic tool to cope with past difficulties while growing up with home life and a difficulty with verbally expressing myself and socializing; art was and still is the best method for me to reach out and connect with people. My work is my diary. I wish to show/remind people that art isn't there just to "look cool", but is there to say something and that there is no one way to speak to the world. That is a message I most definitely instill and nourish with my daughter. I yearn for evolution and so I enjoy using different forms of art (I've been recently testing my hand at custom doll repainting), mediums and tools. It keeps my mind fresh, expands my love of art, opens doors, and has made me a much happier and determined person." 
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