Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 40: Edgar Fernandez

Artist Statement

In this life there is a journey within my art that resonates a universal message of love and peace. This message embodies my passion of finding new forms of expression that derive from my heart, mind, and body. I create art not only to fulfill my inner desire but also to manifest conscious awareness within all areas of life. My dream is to achieve greatness and to grow as a balanced artist and human being. 

My intentional themes come from an intuitive state of pure creativity. My art isnfluenced from ancestral wisdom, personal soul experiences and the legacy I work towards every day. The materials and mediums I use are unique to each creation. Furthermore, themes and environment around me at the moment play essential roles. The style of my techniques are based in spiritual awareness with a unique twist of contemporary indigenous art.\

        I am currently working on art that is focused on bringing visions of ancestors to light using contemporary mediums. Which will be an avenue for my art to create an experience of inner remembrance and a sense of harmony. My new art relates to my previous work by continuing to honoring who I am and where I come from. In addition, what resonates to my journey as a modern day artist keeps me connected to my universal expressions. I continue to explore and expand upon new avenues in my artwork. This is done by using different techniques and mediums that I explore with other professional working artists. I also incorporate the community to collaborate through their own experiences. This all together contributes to the inspiration that comes through my work  . Facebook: Arte de 8-ahau Instagram: 8ahau

Seeds of Promise Acrylic 2017

Expand your Awareness Series of 12 Acrylic and Collage 2015

Self Mastery Oil 2015

Flourishing Sonoran Desert Acrylic 2016

Sigue la Lucha Mixed media 2016

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