Monday, March 27, 2017

Day 53: Sue Norton Scott

Artist Statement
My creative juices are stimulated by contemporary culture. From biotechnology to redefining our authentic selves in this digital world, no current issue is exempt from becoming grist for my creative mill. By juxtaposing disparate images to produce 3-dimensional conundrums, I urge viewers to formulate their own out-of-the-box questions.

Purposely striving to ask unusual questions about a topic often leads to a deeper understanding of the issues (and promotes thought-provoking conversations with others!). When we ask uncommon questions, we frequently “shift” our worldview and become open to unforeseen input. My surrealistic images ask viewers to “question the questions” that frame our common reality and characterize our individual souls.

By changing the questions we ask, we open ourselves to innovative responses, and redefine ourselves in the process.

 Good Intentions
The life raft is filled with objects representing chance and complexity: poker chips, Rubric cubes, dominoes, and dice. Some are falling off the unbalanced vessel and jinto the ocean. A wooden hand pulls on the bow line, trying to right the life raft, but it is unclear whether the “help” is making the situation better or worse. The QR code is linked to ACA, or “Obamacare.” 

Growing Interest 
The currency is real.
Balancing Act
The figures represent various strategies for making progress through life. Without much of a safety net these days, it is up to us to persevere. 

Heavy Lifting
This Rube-Goldberg inspired piece shows what happens “behind the scenes” of the operatic figure in the lower right quadrant of the piece. It was inspired by my role as caregiver for my mother. What makes it mixed media: The entire piece is layered with objects: small square canvases, fabric, ladders, pulleys, and a key. The wooden figure on top of the canvas represents me, activating a sequence of events. 

You Turned My World Upside Down



  2. I love your art and how it makes the viewer think! I especially like 'Heavy Lifting' because there is so much that goes on in the background but it looks so easy to the casual observer!