Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 31: Frank Michaels Portera

Art throughout the ages, embodies the glorification of the human form for its patrons. In this forum we study images of our body forms in an approved venue that helps us understand not only the beauty as captured through the eyes of the artist, but also the open sensuality that each one of us naturally possesses. Hopefully this idea leaves the viewer open to explore their own sensuality and celebrate the human form in ways not otherwise explored.
It is through my training as an artist, to try and promote a positive body image, in a society that can enforce a more puritanical trend of thought. Bodily inhibitions serve no one any justice, specially if we are wrought with guilt of embarrassed with our own natural human beauty.
It is with this thought that I draw attention to classical nudes, in the spirit of Greeks and Romans, so that we can begin to celebrate our bodies.
Although I always was observant of any, my love affair with the classical human form began when I was 7 years old, in the streets of Italy, where the streets are littered with the art form from the various ages. I marveled at how the human form was so accessible in every form and expression, in ways to lift the human spirit in an orgy of celebration of who we are as a species and out places in the world. I was forever transformed when I saw Michelangelo Buonarroti's cacophony of  unclothed figures both in exaltation and in turmoil, in what was supposed to be such a celebrated destination. I was less ashamed, began to put childish inhibitions and grow toward a more healthy understanding of my body.
It is like so with other social issues that art can convey only meanings in one picture, to start the conversations to draw from and challenge our individual beliefs, to possibly bring us to a mind opening experience.
Art can be an avenue of discovery for not only social mores but also a catalyst for conversation on issues that can be otherwise difficult to discuss, such as politics and other issues of social awareness
Close to earning my BFA at ASU. My studies included Figure Drawing, Figure Painting, and Foundry. I hope to extend my work to include these three dimensional figures to include resins, bronze work and jewelry.
In my 20's I earned an Associate Degree in Applied of the lost wax process, mold making and metallurgy and combine these skills with my knowledge in art Science in Dental Technology. I hope to be able to use these skills to further my understanding and perhaps write about these Applications as they would apply to my art.
Being a politically aware activist, I build my future installations with loaded messages that are designed to  further human rights and social awareness. We are stewards of our freedoms as well as other people's freedoms as if they were our own..





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