Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 41:Gypsy Marja Konecki

The main motivation behind my artwork is purely the desire to create. While I don't usually have a purpose in mind I usually end up creating art for someone as a gift; it wasn't until recently that I began making art to sell/hang in shows. Currently I am focused on charcoal pieces with an emphasis on light study. I first became interested in realism as a way to advance my understanding of light and shadow. My goal is to master use of gradients to create as real a portrait as possible as I hope it wil translate into my tattooing abilities. This current series is a departure for me and began as mere practice which I hope to translate to skin. While the charcoal and paper has greatly enhanced my tattooing I was quite surprised to find that I enjoy this medium beyond a simple practice tool. As I continue to improve I hope to create larger and larger pieces and perhaps move into oils.


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