Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 49: Matthew Goodall

Matthew Goodall

My work explores what I find to be interesting and beautiful. I am an artist that works in multiple mediums and styles.  I have experience working with anything from comic books to contemporary art, traditional and digital works.  I work primarily in watercolors but I have expanded my knowledge over the years and now work in a variety of mediums. 

Central Michigan University     
·         Graduated: December 2001 with Bachelors of Fine Art degree
·         2-D design Concentration in Printmaking and Painting

Published Work:
·         Tiny Works/Tiny Dances- 12-4-2015: {9} the Gallery
·         NSFW - 5-6-2016: {9} the Gallery
·         Gods & Monsters  - 6-3-2016: {9} the Gallery
·         Tiny Works/Tiny Dances II - 12-2-2016: {9} the Gallery

            Sequential Art
·         Spazdog Press Presents- Sonic Youth #1-5 (2010): Artist
·         Unite and Take Over vol 1: Shoplifters of the World Unite (2011): Pencils
·         Unite and Take Over vol 2 : Oscillate Wildly (2012): Artist
·         Nothing Can Stop Me Now: Ring Finger (2015): Artist         

             Cover/Pin up Art
·         Blackest Terror #1 (Moonstone, 2011)
·         Elvatron Chronicles #8 (Spy Hunter, 2015) Cover Colors    

She Found Now -mixed media 15x22 on paper

 Specular Reflection. Mixed media 6x6 on paper

Case of Monday's. 4x6 Watercolor on paper 
Reign Array. 4x6 watercolor on paper
 Stargazer. 4x6 watercolor on paper

Nude in plaid. 4x8 Mixed media on paper 

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