Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 34: Cindy Schnackel

Humorous Surrealism” describes the absurd birds and monsters that populate the bulk of my work. Acrylic paints are my favorite medium, probably because they dry fast and are really versatile and compatible so I can just keep working without the disruption of technical steps. Acrylic mediums make great adhesives for collage and even sculpture. When making 3D pieces I start with recycled materials for the armature and build on it with whatever is around, all usually held together with strips of cloth impregnated with acrylic medium. Drawing is an art form as well as a means to work out ideas for paintings and sculptures. I love the spontaneity of quick, mindless doodles, and do lots of them. If I have to sit somewhere for a long time like a waiting room or on a bus, I often sketch to entertain myself. Being in touch with fleeting subconscious thoughts seems to require solitude and quiet, for me, so I love working alone and don’t usually even listen to music. If something interrupts me it feels like the proverbial needle being dragged across a vinyl record. Usually, I just start to paint, sculpt, or draw and go where it leads me. Even work that's initially planned takes on a life of its own. Meanings may emerge later, even for me, in unplanned pieces. People sometimes come up with interpretations of their own, which is really interesting.

Chick Prince, acryiic, 5X7 inches $200
Green Thing, mixed media on paper, approx 11 x 9 in, $250

Sinister, mixed media on paper, approx 11 x 9 in, $250

Cooties, mixed media on paper, 10 x 8 in., $200

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