Monday, February 6, 2017

Day 4: Oliverio Balcells

Oliverio Balcells is a scholar of the ancient Mesoamerican cultures, photographer, painter and self-taught musician. He is a native of Guadalajara, Mexico and moved to Arizona in 1999.
He creates Mexican contemporary art. “I’m interested in social themes like history, human potential development and nature. I use self-expression to inspire people in the present moment. My influences stem from ancient Mexican manifestations, Wixarika (Huichol) art, and the Mexican master muralists.”
In 2016 he was a selected artist for the In Flux Cycle 6 for the City of Tempe to paint a mural on Apache Blvd. In 2012 he was selected by the City of Tempe Public Art Program to design and paint a utility box on Mill Avenue.  The image was also made into a library card for the City of Tempe. In 2008 Oliverio was awarded First Place at the Arte Latino en la Ciudad XII at the Phoenix Center for the Arts and in 1999 he was awarded Best Artist in the 7th Annual Plastic Arts Exhibit of Cancun.
His work has been featured as a cover for a book from the author Ruth Gomber-Munoz, Ph.D., titled Labor and Legality: An Ethnography of a Mexican Immigrant Worker, published by the Oxford University Press, Inc. in New York City.
He has done several workshops for Xico Inc’s cultural arts program for youth, CALA’s Diego Community Arts Program with Childsplay as an artist in residence in schools throughout Phoenix, created a community garden mural with Free Arts of Arizona and their Professional Artist Series at the Challenger Middle School.  He has also been a teaching artist with Arizona Commission on the Arts, creating a portable mural with the students of Mercury Mine Elementary School in Paradise Valley, Arizona and recently participated in an interactive workshop called the “Eagle Sun in Motion” at the Community Arts Gathering in Ajo, Arizona hosted by the International Sonoran Desert Alliance
Oliverio Balcells received his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the Univa University in Guadalajara, Mexico. 
He currently lives and works in Tempe, Arizona, USA with his wife and two children.
His native language is Spanish and English is his second language.

You can find out more about him at

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