Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day 20: Bill Jamison

Artist Statement:
These objects represent experiments in contrasting processes, where digitally fabricated elements are paired with hand-crafted ceramics and found objects such as roots and rocks. Through his work, Bill seeks to reconcile his identities as an artist and an engineer while referencing a broader search for balance through intuition and logic. 

About me:
Bill Jamison is a structural engineer turned ceramic & mixed media artist from Anchorage. When not making art he enjoys hiking and snowboarding in the mountains. Bill currently lives in Arizona with his talented wife and creative collaborator Emily Longbrake. His upcoming show: "Bill's Thesis" will mark the end of his 3-years as a graduate student at Arizona State University. It will be on display March 27-31 at the Harry Wood Gallery, with an Opening Reception on March 28th from 6-9pm
Instagram: @billspots
Numerical Control 010

Numerical Control 010
Numerical Control 002
Complementropy Entropy 014
Complementropy Entropy 015

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