Sunday, July 23, 2017

Day 171:Katheryn Sins

Originally from upstate New York, Katheryn has a BFA in Sculpture from Syracuse University, and MFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute, and a Masters in Art Education from Rochester Institute of Technology. She originally moved to Phoenix from New York in 1988 to teach art at the Phoenix Day School for the Deaf, and later taught art for the Phoenix Union High School District. Katheryn is a summer adjunct professor (Ceramics) at Glendale Community College and teaches and works at her own studio. She also volunteers weekly at several nursing homes with her pet therapy visitation dogs through Pets On Wheels of Scottsdale. More information can be found at her website:
I received my MFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute in New York. In 1981. I have taught many different disciplines in my 30+ years as an art teacher.  My artwork is constantly evolving, with the media changing as my life circumstances, teaching assignments, and available materials changed over the years.
 My interest in ceramics came late in my teaching career.  Having only a few basic classes as an undergraduate, I was assigned to teach high school ceramics in 1998. I “re-discovered” clay taking a Ceramics 1 refresher class in the summer at Glendale Community College.  Since that time I have focused my creative energy on clay as my medium.
My current ceramic work combines wheel thrown forms with hand-building.  I enjoy the challenge of creating sculptural pieces entirely from wheel thrown parts.  I use wheel-thrown, closed forms and manipulate the clay to resemble a natural, living object from the earth that the clay comes from.  My work is both functional and sculptural, combining the functional aspects of “traditional” ceramics with sculptural forms related to nature.  Each sculpture has a functional element as a lidded container.  The lids are part of the sculpture, and are usually hidden. 
Each piece is inspired from the seed pods of desert plants .  These pieces have evolved from one pod per piece to several pods as part of the larger sculpture.  Each element of the piece is constructed and bisque fired separately.  The pieces are then individually stained and glazed, and the piece is finally assembled in the glaze firing. All pieces are reduction fired to cone 10.
My studio is surrounded by a variety of desert plants that are my inspiration.

Cabbage Patch

Pastel Thistle Seeds

Desert Blossoms

Artichoke Blossom Tureen


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Day 170: Danielle Wood

Artist Statement

Danielle Wood

I conceptualize the ocean as a surreal metaphor for the subconscious. I view the ocean as a flat blue surface from above, but know that below the surface there exists beauty, mystery, fear, intricate social relationships, and potential danger. The ocean is much more complicated below the surface than what it appears from above, much like the human psyche.
Semiotics and how nature can be a symbolic visual language to describe the human experience and emotive inner world intrigues me. The abstractions of nature— its forms and shapes— describe emotional states and create a dialogue between the artwork and the viewer.  My work intertwines fact and fiction.  The shapes and forms originate from my knowledge of biology, but I do not pursue to render specific species, but rather pure abstractions of forms in nature from a variety of habitats spliced, collaged, combined with mixed media, inspired by conscious and subconscious patterns that evolve.  I objectively sculpt my pieces with the façade of realism, but most of what I create is made of fantasy, science fiction, and the interpretation from my viewers.

My ceramic work is made mainly in porcelain clay because the smooth surface quality of porcelain refers to something mysterious, tactile, uncanny, and “other,” which greatly intrigues me. I would like the viewer of my work to examine the works’ otherness and to escape into the possibility of imagination it creates.


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Friday, July 21, 2017

Day 169:Michelle Penington

Same Diner, Every Tues.


Des Moments

inner monologue


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 168: Linda Britt

I am an Arizona artist creating handcrafted jewelry, using both traditional and non-traditional techniques.  Each piece is created to be as individual as the person who will be wearing it.  Metal clay, mixed metals, beads - I love all of it and like to experiment. Attention to detail and good craftsmanship is extremely important in my work.   I've been designing over 30 years living in Tucson  and Prescott AZ.
Photography is my second love and allows me to capture 'sweet spots' in my world and share them.  I love nature (it's my inspriration) and do a lot of birding and enjoy my bearded dragons! 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day 167: Mary Susan Cate (Merry Arttoones)

Mary Susan Cate aka Merry Arttoones
Beginning to understand what the Muse was up to with this piece...the working title bounced between "power play" and "balance of power". It puzzled and confused....I know the horse, one of Gods most beautiful creatures, represents natural power. The the clown acrobat woman is a more difficult conundrum. I like her and feel sorry for her all in one breath...she represents a sort of cultural power.. i that allows her to lift mighty weights ...but alas while stuck flat on her back on artificial turf...LOL turf wars? not play on their turf?....yep, all of that. And there must be rabbit fears sculpted to hide in that turf..thank goodness the Muse settled for just pinkly human fearful rabbit. But .yes the acrobatics of clown woman 's power does not free enslaves her..or does it? is there a choice in there? Might there be a proper use of cultural power? ...i see so much of the human condition in her... cultural trappings of power becoming a clown balancing act ..with no easy escape. or is there ...can intention be the escape...Oh that's why the Muse insisted I divide the warring turf into two factions, divided by a rocky road of course...oh there it is the positive she is using her power to stretch across to both sides. Is it that .every situation .offers a choice in our response..Now I begin to understand. Thunderfoot child balances with ease on the rump of that,".consider the lilies of the field" power... what is this upwardness? a soul thing for sure ...and Thunderfoot who always knows where she stands ...she carries the Hope in a piece or is it better called Grace ...and offers a song. her hands upward in a gesture of, .is that release?...ahh the Muse insists on a bird or a bevy of birds sculpted to take flight with that song ...a freeing is what those Hands give...the truest power Thunderfoot has an offering of her sovereign power to some higher truer her sovereign soul bows to the one sovereign power upward thing .... to Love


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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Day 166: Lupe Meter

I am a polymer clay artist who fell in love with polymer clay after being introduced to it while I was stringing beads. Little did I know at that time the versatility of this wonderful art medium. I have been creating designs with polymer clay for about 9 years now and every year it becomes more challenging and complex as I try to push the limits with this medium. I enjoy creating unique one-of-kind jewelry, and have pushed myself as an artist in creating other polymer clay creations with a purpose other than adorning the body, though that is my first love.

One of the challenges I enjoy is creating jewelry that artistically flows and enhances beautiful textiles, color of skin, eyes and hair. Indeed the human body is a beautiful canvas and it is one of the reasons I enjoy creating jewelry, to enhance the beauty that was already there. It just needed an additional splash of color.

My polymer clay creations incorporate semi-precious stones, glass, wood and seed beads as well as other unique findings. I love playing with color, shapes, patterns, and texture; these are the four things that inspire me to create. Most of my polymer clay creations are created by using various surface techniques, transferring images onto polymer clay, and caning techniques.

Some of my work can be seen at the WHAM Art Community Center in Surprise, Arizona where I enjoy volunteering and strive to share my love of art in my community.

Member of WHAM:

Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 165:Andy Tracy


I live in Tempe and i love it here, there are so many creative people in this town. I have been doing art most of my adult life, but have just recently began pursuing it as a career. I love making pictures that feel as if they tell a story. Mostly pictures that portray a relationship between two characters. I paint with acrylics, do a lot of digital art, and have recently been doing animation. Eventually I hope to branch off into graphic novels and animated short films.

Username: andylius_art