Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Day 194: Dean Reynolds

Dean Reynolds
Instagram: DeanReynoldsArtist

My work is a mixture of various influences; Surrealism, Illustration, Religion, Mythology, and the writings of Carl Jung and other Jungian psychologists. There is an element of chance in the work in the beginning stages but the overall development is one of careful design and precise construction of the image. The outward impression is one of humor but there is a seriousness that underlies the surface. The overabundance of details is my compulsion for rendering information and to pull the viewer into the work.  The work is posing complex connections and references, like the Surrealist and Jungian psychology, this gives the viewer a path to take to make their own discoveries. To conclude I am conjuring up these works from many elements that reflects the world around myself and the worlds within.

The Cosmic Dharma Bears

The Walker

Psychopomp Manabohzo

Tower of Creation

Monday, August 14, 2017

Day 193 Francisco Enuf Garcia

Francisco is self-taught artist from Los Angeles California. He is currently studying fine arts painting at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. He is an international artist and social entrepreneur that creates murals and artwork that are created with community and contain empowering themes about immigration, justice, faith, and Chicano culture. He has been invited to paint murals all over the U.S., Mexico, India, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France.

In 2008, while studying abroad in Mexico, Francisco was inspired and challenged by the work of Los Tres Grandes, the three major figures of the Mexican muralist movement and Frida Kahlo. In 2014 Francisco was invited to attend the International Artist Residency in India. Francisco has created public art across the US and countries such as Mexico, Europe, and India. In 2008 he won the Eric Fischl Vanguard award which recognizes emerging student talent in the fine arts at the Phoenix Art Museum and was extended invitations to speak at the White House. He has created work for the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Arizona State University (ASU), Kansas State University (KSU), Arizona Dream Act Coalition ADAC), Underwater Dreams (Film), Spare Parts (Film). Francisco’s art work has been featured in CNN, NBC, PBS, Fox News, Az Family News, Univision, La Voz, Arizona Republic, La Voz, and Phoenix New Times. His experiences include collaborating with different non-profits, art organizations, businesses, and schools. Francisco is passionate about celebrating culture, creating cultural events for the community and working with diverse groups of youth throughout the country.

Mural that was painted in Parc De Bercy in Paris

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Day 192: Lucretia Torva

The three R’s: Realism, Reflection and Refraction. These have been informing my art since my last year of my BFA. Glass, mirrors, mylar, metal, brocade, water and skin have all played a part in my search for that wonderful tease of distorted visual reality.

I have always created realistic art, sometimes more surreal, other times more straightforward. My desire is to prompt people to look at their own environment with more care and attention, to really SEE and experience it. We experience our world through our senses. Being sensually attuned brings us to a greater spiritual awareness.

Deep spiritual experience aside, I also enjoy entertaining people. Art can be an escapist experience, pulling the viewer away from their everyday habits. This is a very important aspect of the experience of art. We all need to be jolted out of our complaisance, stimulated out of ordinariness… brought to life with a breath of fresh air. With my realism, I offer a different perspective or viewpoint.

Cars were an important subject from 2009-2015. I use the subject of cars to tap into people’s emotions, sentiment and psyche. Cars represent some of the best in humans...their creativity and ingenuity! A car is an iconic American experience representing freedom, individuality, cutting edge technology, competition, luxury, speed, brotherhood, camaraderie, family, unity, teamwork, etc.

The car as an object is a beautiful form, full of color, reflections and interesting details. There is plenty of visual stimulation and elements for abstract compositions. I have been told by “non” car people that they enjoy my work.

The water paintings are a great example of distorted visual reality. The water helps to create a fantasy, dream-like scene. The scenes push my choice of colors and the extent to which I am willing to distort something I am familiar with. The subject of water seems to goad me into using my realism for a greater purpose than mere duplication, to express universal desires and seek a clue of parallel universes.

Since 2015, I have used the realism of my painting more in service of enigmatic and mysterious ideas: a zebra’s stripes as water refractions, a crisp-edged profile in the middle of the ocean, an oversized pawn in the moonlight. I have always been drawn to Surrealism and the realm of the subconscious, especially in the art of Magritte. It is possible to reach a broad audience across cultures with a twist of perspective or an unlikely contrast.

In addition to my “easel” paintings, I actively seek large mural commissions. The scale of the image and the paint application give me an exciting challenge. Plus, a mural in a busy location is art that so many people can see!

Even though I create art for myself, ultimately, it must go out in the world to reach it’s full potential. It must be seen.

Silver Dream


Pulling Strings

Here and Now

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 191: Heather Freitas

We live in a world today that is ever changing and evolving. Unfortunately we are not evolving in the most important aspect of the world we live in : The world itself. No matter where you put yourself in the world many people go on their lives day to day in a trance, having heard possibly about the effects of environmental waste and pollution but not truly understanding about the impact that it is having all around us. From animals and plants to mankind we are slowly deteriorating everything that we have worked to create, and all the things around us that keep us going.
          I have always drifted my glance at things that many people look past. The delicate beauty of things others call trash. Realizing that I could create work out of these materials that are slowly decomposing the world around us was a life changer for me. While I always loved and cared for everything in the world around me my artwork has changed me even further as a person. It has brought about an even greater understanding and education of the world as a whole and the impact that our waste is having on it. My work has created and even stronger passion to help spread awareness of this issue and has affected my everyday life that I live.
           It is my goal with my work to bring this passion to others. They say that one person cannot change the world, but it is with my deepest hopes that my artwork can.

Social media:
      Instagram @heather_freitas 

Ivory American Safari Green Music Piano Elephant Animal Pointilism Eco Art Painting

Drought Muted Tone Beige Yellow Southwest Art Turtle Cactus Plant Fine Art

Gold World Map Nude Female FIgurative Angle Wings Rustic Contemporary Art

Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 190: Therese Black

Therese Black

At the ripe age of 5, Therese Black told her church priest she was going to be a nun. After a visit to the nearby convent, it was decided that Therese would not be a nun. The priest wanted to know what she might do instead. Therese informed her priest that she would be a saint! At 7 years old, she went to oil painting classes with her grandmother. While very young, Therese developed an interest in Buddhism, meditation, art, and world peace. In college, she studied physics and published superconductor research.Inspired by meditation to return to art, Therese’s art is in#uenced by Buddhist Thangka paintings, nature, geometry, shamanism, and meditation. Her work takes the viewer through personal experiences with life and nature. Therese likes to use art to tell stories based on experience.She layers wax-based colored pencil and ink on rough cotton watercolor paper to create a smooth texture with brilliant colors. A finished piece can be drawn and redrawn as many as (ve times before completion. She also does innovative creations in oil and acrylic paints.Therese opens her studio to the public annually and by appointment. She also exhibits her art online, in galleries, and in shows around the country.



Eagle Condor

Meditating Buddhas

Reflections of Tree

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day 189: Rachel Slick

Rachel Slick was born into a creative family in Ocean Beach, San Diego California in the early 1970's. A childhood   filled with artists, archangels, hell's angels, calavera making abuelitas and classical musicians gave her the courage to shape a life as an artist. 

Proud to claim ancestors from both the Old and New Worlds, her cultural influences are many. A true child of the Southwest, Rael finds the strongest inspirations in the the culture, landscapes, flora and fauna of her home region. 

Rachel studied sculpture with DeeDee Coppedge and Joe Mugnani in the early 90's in California. She was accepted into the renowned Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Netherlands and studied contemporary sculpture and photography there for two years.  

Rachel's sculpture career was truly launched in 1999 when her first large piece was commissioned for $10,000 by Park City Utah, home of Sundance Film Festival. Her contemporary portrait of Euterpe, muse of lyrical poetry, completed the city's permanent sculpture collection The Pantheon of Muses. 

More than a decade of large, outdoor sculpture commissions followed, culminating in a $100,000 sculpture commission by the State of New York in 2011. Soon after, Rachel became very Ill. After two years of searching, she was diagnosed with Multiple Neurological issues and her world imploded. Tremors, painful muscle spasms and chronic migraines are a daily struggle for this mother of three young boys. 

Rachel spent the next year grieving, healing, looking inward and learning to adapt to her devastating health challenges. She was called by Mother Clay and began creating Contemporary Milagros and sculpture in 2012.

My art is inspired by Myths, Magic, Archetypes, and Mystery. These inspirations are simple, but encompass the most meaningful parts of existence. 

My ceramic milagros feature body parts, just like the small silver Milagros that my Aunties pinned on Saints with prayers. However, these are generous breasts with milk dripping from nipples, tattoos generously spread across the skin, hands that grasp broken hearts, juggle calaveras, or balance the moon on one fingertip. Burning Arms sprout angel wings and capture shooting stars. Eyes peer through thunder and tears. 

My disability has brought me significant emotional and physical pain. I have often felt disconnected from my body. The Milagros are an attempt to ground my spirit in this body. All my works are acts of gratitude.

Sagrado Corazon de Tucson, Downtown Tucson 54 Pennington St. with artist Lex Gjurasic

Desert Spirits new McDonalds Oro Valley AZ

Tucson Totems, Helen Keeling Neighborhood, Tucson AZ

The Wedding Couple



Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Day 188: Michael Beauchamp

Artist bio:

Author, artist, and songwriter Michael Beauchamp was born and raised in the deep woods of Northern Ontario, Canada and relocated to the Arizona desert in 2014. He writes songs and stories and paints when the spirit moves him. His most recent book, a collection of short stories titled Dream Sequence and Other Curious Tales, was released in May of 2017. Michael is a member of the alternative rock duo Hollow Moon. Hollow Moon is currently writing and arranging songs for an upcoming concept album.

Swamp Psyche

Sonoran Trail