Friday, September 22, 2017

Day 232: Dick Richards

I view each of my abstract acrylic paintings as a reflection of the process that created it. That process is, at its heart, an exploration of the relationship between intuition and intellection. And so, the works are about not knowing, and about knowing. About being in the moment, and about letting go. About searching, and getting lost, and finding a path. About looking around, and looking within. About summoning courage and being guided by that which is beyond understanding. I want to capture the sense of disappearing when I paint; nothing exists except the canvas and paint. What disappears? Thought. Attachment to an outcome. Concern about how the work will appear to others. Fear of making a mistake. An appetite for control. Planning. All that disappears. “I” disappears.
I work with artist quality medium body acrylic paint purchased in squeeze bottles. I sometimes apply it directly to the canvas and sometimes to a brush or pallet knife. For each painting I choose brushes and knives in proportion to the size of the canvas; larger canvas, larger tools.
In a finished work I look for the drama that arrives with contrast, movement, balance, and depth.
In my artistic journey, I took a lengthy detour, abandoning work as a silk screen printer and study at the Philadelphia College of Art, then finally arriving several years ago as an abstract painter. Along the detour I built a career as an organization consultant and wrote books about leadership, organization change, and career development. Those books drew heavily on my exposure to artistry.
Since my arrival at this point, my work has been shown at the Arizona State Fair, at several exhibits at the Shemer Art Center in Phoenix, and in the Nash Jazz Club. I belong to the artists’ co-op in TheStore at the Mesa Arts Center and to the Arizona Artists Guild.

You can visit my work and blog at


Listen to the music


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Day 231: Joey Eddy

Joey Eddy is an artist from the CRIT indian reservation. He loves to bomb and will kill alll walls if he has a can! he paints on canvas now. HOLLa if you hear me!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Day 230: Monica Robles

Monica Robles

I exclusively use reclaimed wood materials in all my work. Because of its previous life, I feel that it adds another layer of soul, depth and personality to my artwork and furniture pieces.  Most of the reclaimed wood are from objects that have been discarded.  To me, there is still purpose in these seemingly useless objects, and each piece of wood in its own form beckons to be included in the final piece.  I love to create pieces that are visually stimulating and rich in texture. By placing them in different patterns, I create a unique art piece and repurpose what was once discarded into something beautiful and useful.  I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to make the variation of wood work together.  I think the history and character of each individual piece asks you to consider the work as a whole in a new and different way.


Geometree show


illuminate Me 3

Sink Vessal 4

Love Coffee table

Grand Ave pizza

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Day 229:Robert Lemler

“I am a representational painter. The character of my work has been forged painting from life. As a painter, I seek a simplification of the visual characteristics of the motifs I chose to paint and hope the viewer finds a resonance of truth and honesty in my interpretation “

Monday, September 18, 2017

Day 228: Deborah McMillion

I have a classical background in oils, watercolor, and etchings. In 2009, i was one of the first iOS artists. I joined a mobile digital group on Flickr. Since my best painting app was Sketchbook Autodesk opened a huge door to show and teach others in shows in Vegas and San Francisco.  My work is Representational Surrealism. 

It all goes in and then comes out in dreams.)

Lines of Power (Ley lines)

Flower Power

Odylic Force

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Day 227: Christine Sutherland

Artist Statement:
Rapidly spreading on silk, transparent dyes cause the artist to swiftly create the painting with spontaneous action. My painting process is similar to a jazz musician; I begin with a general vision in mind, sketches alongside, and I go with the flow, capturing the mood of the day, trusting my experience to improvise.


Evening Song




Saturday, September 16, 2017

Day 226 Jason Grubb

Jason Grubb (Jehu) received his Bachelor of Science from Kent State University in 1992. He then took his camera and went West to see where he might land. After a couple years of exploration he decided to make Phoenix his home. In late 1994 he started to work as a photo assistant and later became a full time photographer for a commercial photography studio in Phoenix. 2000: Started Camerawerks with Jon Balinkie and moved to the downtown Phoenix area where he immersed himself in the growing Phoenix Art scene and commercial photography world. 2004: He and 3 partners open “LegendCity” which is a downtown studio/art space. 2006: He started “10DollarProject”. Where he photographs people on the street and gives them 10$ for their portrait. The idea is to give them something for their time and a small bit of worth. Most of the people photographed are Homeless. 2010: He became a member of “Through Each Others Eyes” which promotes cultural awareness through photography. 2012: he started working with an organization “Kids in Focus” which helps underprivileged youth using photography to ignite their imagination and build their sense of confidence and value. His personal and commercial photography appears in national ad campaigns, magazines, art shows and personal collections. My passion is to bring awareness to what we as a society choose to ignore in our daily lives. 

Here are some images from the 10Dollarproject.







Friday, September 15, 2017

Day 225: Barbara Cowlin

My water paintings are inspired by the unexpected surprise of finding an
oasis of water in the desert, whether it is a lake, pond, river or puddle.
The clarity of Southwestern light causes amazing reflections and colors
to appear in the water.
This series balances between realism and abstraction. I create paintings
that shift and change with changes in light and the viewer's position.
Capturing the color and movement of an ephemeral phenomenon
fascinates me. Creating work that is dynamic despite being on a static
surface are some of the challenges that keep me painting water.
The layers of paint symbolize the passing of time and the constant flow
of water. I build up texture and color on the canvas or panel, sand and
rebuild surfaces until they have depth and complexity. Glazes, and layers
of medium are sandwiched between layers of colors. Pours using gloss
medium for the water imagery and matte medium for the non-water
areas create contrasts between glossy and matte surfaces. Finally I add
the details, bright streaks or dots of color which appear to float on the
Time passes. Water flows. By the time the water you are looking at
registers in your brain, the present has become the past, and the water
has changed. Painting water allows me to capture the past, present and
future in one painted image.

And my addresses:

Swept Away


Duet; Water & Boulders



Thursday, September 14, 2017

Day 224: Tabitha Ladin

Tabitha Ladin has always loved drawing and painting animals both real and imagined.After going to school for Graphic Design in Tucson, AZ she did freelance work. Later she worked as a colorist and color editor for Malibu Comics in Los Angeles, CA. She moved back to Arizona and worked for eight years as an interface designer and graphic designer for a financial software company.Now Tabitha has decided to return to her true passion; fantasy art. Working in acrylic paints she brings to life in brilliant color all the fantastic creatures that reside in her imagination. She has also published several fantasy themed coloring books.

Facebook page: @TabithaLadin

Cirque De La Mer

Blue Poison Fairy Frog

Idling Idol

Immortal Coils

Play by Ear

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Day 223: Diana Clauss


My work over the years has followed a pursuit of two recurring themes. One utilizes various configurations of landscape space and landscape motifs to reflect a state of mind. The other draws from my personal and family history within the tradition of needlework and textiles with references to the decorative arts. These themes often intersect and overlap through the evocative potential of liquid media, pigments, and a variety of non-traditional materials layered with tactile fabrics such as silk. I rely on the hands-on physical engagement with the materials themselves to provide a glimpse or direction for each painting. The tension between a shifting illusion of spacial depth and actual dimensional surface is used to invite an introspective gaze where the senses alone can navigate the enclosures and expanses of the visual terrain. 

I believe that the elements of chance and intention coupled with doubt and faith are inherent in the process of painting and embodied in the materiality and fluidity of the paint itself. All these elements are present as each new body of work progresses and ultimately they integrate within each painting akin to alchemy. Each painting contains the record of what remains after a circuitous process of applying and subtracting combined with the daily contemplations in the studio that seep into each layer. 

What you hope for in the studio is that moment of magic that transcends both chance and the artist’s original intent. 

Diana Clauss was born in Philadelphia, PA. She received her BFA in Fibers/Textile Design from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia and her MFA in Painting/Drawing from Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. She has also served as an adjunct faculty member at Arizona State University.
Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the United States and her paintings are included in public and private collections both local and national. 

Instagram: diana.clauss

Title:  Seldom Mixed media on silk brocade on panel

Title:  penumbra violet Mixed media on pleated silk on panel

Title:  lost to sight Mixed media on tie-dyed silk on panel

Title:  frisure september 27th Mixed media on pleated silk on panel

Title:  the nearer to Mixed media on silk brocade on panel