Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Day 258: Monique Rollins

To formally introduce myself, my name is Monique Rollins and I am a painter residing in Phoenix, Arizona. Most of my artwork can be found on my website, My art pieces vary in genre, from Africano to Jazz inspired. To get sneak peaks of commission works and upcoming art pieces...follow me @kickflowers on instagram, and on FB at
Instagram: @kickflowers

New Growth

Phenomenal woman 

Sonny Rollins 


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Day 257: Dana Capp

Artists statement-My journey as an artist has endured many paths.As a little girl, I innately had the drive to draw landscapes and architecture. As I matured, I departed from the arts to pursue a career society was pushing me towards, unrelated to the arts. I eventually found my way back to where I'm supposed to be. I graduated from ASU with a BFA in painting. The curriculum in art school taught me a lot about the fundamentals of art, including the elements of design, composition, and technique. But the real awakening occurred years later, after life threw me many curve balls, and I actually had something to say and express. Currently, I am driven by the divine universal source of creativity. My interests fuel my passion. Nature, music, and the mystical drive me. I prefer to use slow drying Golden brand acrylics on either Woolf panel or canvas. I hope my art evokes feelings of love, passion, and inspiration! 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Day 256: Gilead

My art is a reflection of childhood imagination, adolescent fantasy, wishful thinking, dreams and evasive memories of things that quite possibly never actually happened. There is allegory here if you want it or escapism if you prefer.
The models for my paintings were drawn from life in the studio and later immersed into the ruins of an ancient civilization haunted by goblins and dragons. A world that I dimly remember visiting as a child, or did I only read about it, or was it a dream? I can't remember for certain, I'm not sure I care. This combination of drawing from life and living in my own little world gave my work the obvious collective title "Fantasy Life".
I'm influenced by the great fantasy illustrators of the 1970s, because that's the art that inspired me to be an artist, but these are not illustrations they're moments in the real life of ordinary people and ordinary monsters in an ordinary fantasy world.

My blog
and my Patreon page

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Day 255:Amanda Mollindo

(Yuma, AZ – Aspen, CO)

I spent a summer in the Colorado Rockies, in a land where the wealthy go to play. Everything about this place seemed foreign to me, from the pine groves climbing up towering mountains to the vacant multi-million dollar houses reserved for family vacations.

As I explored this society that was built for luxury, I was constantly reminded of the city in which I grew up. Coming from a community nestled on the US-Mexico border that was built on agriculture, military, and the struggle of working class families, this new environment felt far from home.

The following photographs are combined representations of the Yuma metropolitan area and the east end of the Roaring Fork Valley. Reflecting on five months in the mountains always stirs up comparisons to more than two decades in Arizona’s Sonoran desert. From stark geographic contrasts to disparate socio- economic structures, I am captivated by these two worlds that I have grown to love.

About Amanda Mollindo

Originally from Yuma, Arizona, Amanda moved to the Phoenix Valley in 2011. She received a BFA in Photography from Arizona State University in pursuit of her passion for the visual arts four years later. She currently lives and works in Scottsdale. To see more of her work, please visit her website,

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Day 254: Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee is a fine artist and muralist based in Phoenix, Az. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2007 with a Bachelors degree in Studio Art and went on to teach art for five years at New School for the Arts and Academics before becoming a full time public artist. Lauren's work has been covered extensively in the press, with two front page features in The Arizona Republic and the cover of Echo Magazine. Her "Three Birds" mural in the center of the arts district of Phoenix gained her wide recognition, and when the building was demolished in 2015, Lee went on to paint "Three Birds in Flight" on the new building Illuminate. This story of the ongoing development and changing face of Phoenix, Az and the role of public art in communities gained her mention in as far reaching outlets as The New York Times. Currently Ms. Lee works predominately within the field of public art, from "Don't Wake The Dreamer" a 153' mural through Tempe Public Art, to ongoing projects with Phoenix Public Art and an upcoming large scale mural project with Scottsdale Public Art. Her work continues to put biodiversity and the unique beauty of the desert at the forefront of Arizona's public art offerings.

The Opulence of Nature

Three Birds mural, formerly 222 E. Roosevelt, first mural.

Still We Bloom for Valley Metro

Quail and Barrel

Good Love (Passed it Last Night in a Dream)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Day 253:Nick Rascona

Nick creates paintings which twist and tilt from the wall, encased by welded steel scaffolding.  The steel sculpture runs in front of, behind, and around moments captured with oil paint. These moments become windows which hold images you might pass on a walk through the city, and poems which are scratched into paint. The hope is to inspire deep thought and reflection about the complex relationships we share with our environment.    


Inside so Outside



Natural Selections


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 252: Shawn Gorritz

My name is Shawn Gorritz and I am an Artist/Photographer/Jewelry Designer living in Tucson, Arizona. My biz is called and it encompasses all my artistic adventures. My weapons of choice are pen and ink, laser cut jewelry and most recently, polymer clay sculpture. For the sculptures I turn into pendants, I create a master sculpts and pour resin casts, which I then hand paint. I am inspired by just about everything, but I lean towards Horror, SciFi and Comic themes.

My tastes are constantly evolving – this is both a blessing and a curse!  I suppose I am a bit of an art-squirrel in that I really do jump from one thing to another at a moments notice. I draw and ink my hand off then I put the pens down to sculpt for a week or two. I itch to draw again, then that’s all I do until I’m pulled in another direction. I sometimes think this is a terrible way to be “successful” but I can be no other way... 

My website / shop is:


Gorgeos the green

My Own worst Enemy 2

Extch 3

Grumpy Alien 3

Fire Fans

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Day 251:Bernard P. Provencher LeVautour

"Bernard P. Provencher LeVautour is a Phoenix-based multi-media artist, originally from New Hampshire. His visual-art work is usually composed of combinations of acrylic, spray-paint, and 3D assemblage elements. When not splattering paint and adhesive on canvases and pieces of repurposed found-junk, Bernard plays bass and freaks out on various stages for Phoenix rock/ alt-country act Devil Grass. More of his work can be found at"
@b_levautour on Instagram

Missed Connections

Inevitable Vulture




Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Day 250: Piersten Doctor (Feature and Interview)

Artist statement

  My art up to now has been based solely upon pop culture and how to escape the reality like everyone else. We can't really enjoy nature, stars, amoung most things, fresh air. So we binge watch films, long tv shows, and enjoy hobbies and materials most societies can't enjoy. Music is a subject nobody can  can deny because we have such delicate taste. I love painting about music and emotions to help connect better to everyone around me. I have no choice but to look away and find escape in video games, films,ect, when the worlds problems are right in front of me. 
  In my current years of painting I've had two mentors to help me understand the world of art. My brother Riedel Doctor who is also a tremendous creative artist. The other is my current mentor Jose Andres Giron. Heavy inveloped in his culture and years of experience in the art scence has made him a jack of trades amoung the city. Both have had a huge leap wirh knowledge and life experience, which makes me eager to live everyday and be happy with what I create. 

Soul Released

The Strokes

Bike Force

'Bike Force" painting in progress

You take your selfie too seriously

Endangered Species

What do you paint with? What inspires your artwork?
"'I use everything. Pastels, pencils, oils and acrylic.

How were you inspired by art even as a teenager?
'Seeing what people could. You were competitive,  took art as a sport.

What was your earliest show in Phoenix/

Do you paint large or paint big? How big or small do you like your drawings/
'Doesn't matter.'

How is the Native American art scene in Phoenix? 
Barely tipping my toes in there.

How has your culture enriched your artwork?
"Barely shown what my culture has to offer. My grandmother is a Navajo rug weaver.

You do live painting? Do you like live painting for an event? 
Body painting is fun. right place. Hardest thing is a model. Painted a body for a Frida Kahlo shwo.

What is your studio practice? How many days do you spend in the studio
I do art all the time.  i paint 5 days a week. I try to do one hour at least.

What is your full time job? How do you work and also do art? Jimmy Johns. It gives me a lot of time. ALAC helps to frame your work. you're gonna have a frame.

What can you say about art education? what have you learned from a class that has richly enriched your artwork? High school. Mostly self taught and youtube. Internet is a helpful DIY.

What community are you part of in Phoenix scene?

You have a lot of movies and tv shows in your artwork. Do you care to expand on why that is part of your imagery?
Everyone can relate to pop culture. It takes away from reality.

Who are your favorite Arizona artists? El mac has tons of murals around here.

Why do you use the color palette you use? It's very bright and vibrant. Why do you use the colors you use/
Experimenting with color choices right now.

You volunteer for ALAC. how is volunteering for an art gallery like/ Why is volunteering important to do as part of the art community?
Working but not being paid to work. You're investing yourself into a facility.

What political philosophies inspire you/
Most green ones.

Why do you think some galleries succeed and some don't?
The way they operate. Working in galleries require artists to do most of the self-promoting. My mentor Jose Andres Giron says your artist should be ready to hang and presentable with frames.

What keeps you of artist block? Music not to get suck binge watching tv. Exercising.

What do you want to in the future art wise?
Traveling doing shows across the world.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Day 249: Valerie Hildebrand


 Valerie Hildebrand was always focused on her goal to become an artist carrying a double major in college - art, with a focus on painting, and theoretical mathematics. Her early career took her in the direction of computers, so it wasn’t until she moved to Arizona in 2000 that she was inspired to create art again. Since then she has been exploring various mediums and techniques expanding her knowledge and skills well beyond the painting of her college days. Valerie considers herself a “Multiple Media Artist” since she has not yet determined her preferred medium for her artistic expression, although batik and acrylic painting are currently her main focus. She never stops searching for new techniques and inspiration so her adventures in art have taken her into the realms of glass, batik, jewelry and metalsmithing, fabric design, painting, embossing, graphic design and digital art. Artist Statement “I studied art/painting and theoretical mathematics in college and promptly went into the field of computers where I enjoyed a very successful career. However, a few years ago I decided to pursue my earlier goal of becoming an artist and gave up that hectic life of technology, deadlines, and long hours. Now that I have time to devote to my art I’m really inspired to learn as much as I can about new techniques, styles, materials, and tools. This art business still involves a lot of technology, deadlines, and long hours, but they are for my art and I enjoy working hard to achieve my goals.” “I’m a “Multiple-Media Artist” since I haven’t yet found a single medium that fulfills all my creative desires. I’ve been fascinated with glass, inspired by batik on paper, and thoroughly captivated by jewelry design and construction. I’ve also been embossing, painting in acrylics, studying abstract design, learning the ins and outs of graphic design and digital art, and designing fabric from my batik artwork. I am constantly exploring various mediums and techniques and typically have several projects going at the same time. I’m definitely driven to continue to learn as this seems to be the best way to keep my creative spark alive and my interest level high.” “I hope you enjoy my art!”

Valerie Hildebrand

Insight, Batik on aquaboard

Fireworks on the Lake, Acrylic on yupo

Illumination, Batik on aquaboard

Elemental, Acrylic on aquaboard

Pear series, Batik on paper